Loads of fun!

6 May 2021 Alpha Slut 0

One of the best things about being a huge slut? Guys in the neighbourhood know that you’re pretty much up for it all the time, and will contact you before going to work to take any loads they need to dump. Like yesterday…

A CumDump in London

21 February 2021 Alpha Slut 0

Hits: 235Time to start taking this seriously … and offer up my arse to the horny fuckers of London through Twitter, etc. Why? Beause I’m […]

Lockdown 2.0

3 November 2020 Alpha Slut 0

Hits: 348So Darth BoJo has announced that we will be throwing going into national lockdown on Thursday. That’s great… like really, really great. So much […]

Load Update #4

29 September 2020 Alpha Slut 0

Hits: 309I rallied, and I rallied hard, and have managed to see off a disappoint start of the month to come back to a respectable […]