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I’m not a very patient person. Especially when it come to sorting through photos to send to guys that I want to hook up with. I have to sort through my photos and crop faces or try (and fail) to photoshop out all the bottles of lube in the background. I’d rather spend that time getting bred.

With that in mind, you should check out It’s a free website/service that uses AI to remove out all the background rubbish, leaving you with a really nice (and almost always accurate) ‘cut-out’.

Consider the image on the right – it’s a screen capture of a photo on my phone of me on a Zoom call. What may not be obvious is that the image is a portrait capture of a landscape picture. So basically, it’s a mess of picture, but I use it as an example to show you what the website can do.

In just a few seconds, the website returns the following image with a transparent layer…


And that’s it. Note that the black bars on the top and the bottom of the original image have been removed. You can install the software on your desktop if that’s easier, but you do need to go through the process of getting the site to issue you with API credentials. It’s not difficult, just a few more things you need to do. There are paid tiers if you want to go really crazy, but in my experience, the free tier should be enough for most people.

There are other sites that offer the same/similar service. I expect that there will be some open source options on some of the code repositories –  I will take a look. 

Finally, if you want to go crazy, you can even get similar functionality out of Excel!!! Is there anything Excel can’t do…?

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