The Cum Chronicles#30

Cum Slut v The Impaler
Love a good impalement...

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Hey Cum Sluts,

I really miss pre##### days – looking back on those days in fondness, it was pretty clear that I was on a cum slutting rampage… during which time I met one of the Fuckables: “Top Soho” (@BBTopLondon), or as I call him (for fairly self-evident reasons), , The Impaler.

So remember that time last year when there was an announcement that a decision had been made on “The Best Bottom in London”? …. No? … I do … You’ll never guess who won! 😎

Sigh… I can’t wait for ##### to be over with, and for summer to kick off. I figure a year and a half has been enough time for the Gays of London to recover from my last rampage … and I’m keen to get started on the next one.

In the interim, in order to kill time, I’ve started jotting down a Post-##### To-Do list – obviously The Impaler will be on it, but who else? Message me on any of the (approx.) 372 bloody social media accounts I seem to have if you’re interested, and I’ll be sure to “fit you in”! 😜

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