Lockdown 2.0

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So Darth BoJo has announced that we will be throwing going into national lockdown on Thursday. That’s great… like really, really great. So much for the November ‘record-breaking-loadathon’ I was hoping to organise. FFS.

At least it will give me a chance to reflec to all the cocks I’ve had this year. There were some amazingly fun fucks:- like the ‘surprise sex’ I had when the guy I was with invited someone over to fuck me blindfolded – being plowed from behind and the front at the same time still gets me hard when I think about it. And then there were the less than great moments:- like the poor sod who was so excited to fuck me that he couldn’t get his pants off quick enough to shove it in me before he came… sigh… that lost load…

For those of you playing along at home, my final count for October 2020 was 28 loads! The bulk of that came up my end at the end of the month. It was a good solid effort, and many thanks to the many, many cocks that got me there.

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