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One of the best things about being a slut? I love it when guys in my neighbourhood come by and use my ass before they head off to work.ย 

I had one near this last place I lived who would swing two/three times a week one summer and would unload inside me and then just go to work. He’d message me withย  about 5 mins notice to check I was around and up for it (I always was!). Then I would get ready, get on my hands and knees, butt naked, and he would walk in (door was unlocked) and then come up behind me, enter me, pound the living fuck out of me, unload and then just leave. No chat, just blow his load and go…. I was in heaven. Miss that dude.

Ass Fuck Gay Anonymous Sex Wrestling Singlet

So when I woke up yesterday to see a message from a nearby top, asking if he could come over and blow his load in me, I knew it was going to be an excellent day… It really was! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

So after having had two weeks of not much action – mostly my own fault – the funfuckery came hard and fast yesterday … just the way I like it. I had somehow managed to arrange, and get loaded up by, five guys – one after the other…ย  One would arrive, unload and leave and then 15 mins later, the next one would turn up. Repeat. It was fucking amazing.

I’ll post more later.ย 

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