Time to pull my finger out…

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… and start doing this blog properly. But then I never really like pulling things out unless they’re going back in soon afterwards. 😉

So this is my blog. A long time in the coming. So the plan is to:

(1) chronicle my sex activities across London. Why? Why the fuck not! I really enjoy sex, and random fucking across the city is actually a really good way of meeting people. I’m also a bit infatuated with data visualisation, and one of my projects is to use the data from my Google Maps location history to visualise (somehow) my fuckathon across all six zones in London. 

(2) give some real, current and usable information and details about cruising in London. The current options are unhelpful. I think not nearly enough effort is put into existing websites and information sources, and so I would hope to redress this here.

But let’s be honest. The real reason that I’m doing this is:- I’m The Alpha Slut… and someone has gotta do it.

I would write more, but I’ve got a guy coming over in 10 mins to breed me. Wish me luck. 😉


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