A CumDump in London

21 February 2021 Alpha Slut 0

Time to start taking this seriously … and offer up my arse to the horny fuckers of London through Twitter, etc. Why? Beause I’m a […]

Lockdown 2.0

3 November 2020 Alpha Slut 0

So Darth BoJo has announced that we will be throwing going into national lockdown on Thursday. That’s great… like really, really great. So much for […]

Load Update #4

29 September 2020 Alpha Slut 0

I rallied, and I rallied hard, and have managed to see off a disappoint start of the month to come back to a respectable 37 […]

Load Update #3

16 September 2020 Alpha Slut 0

So I ended last week with the rallying cry that I need to “sort this out”. Well, I’ve managed to do that, to an extent […]